A Pastor Needs Help!

Patchakan, Belize, Central America –

Pastor Amador Tzib, is the national pastor of Iglesia Bautista Patchakan (Patchakan Baptist Church), and he needs $2,600 US for an emergency hernia surgery in Belize.  Few, if any, Belizeans have insurance or any means to raise funds for minor medical needs, let alone a major surgery.  Pastor Amador has been living with a hernia for many months.  The doctor told him, this week, that he should not wait too long for surgery as his condition can worsen and cause complications.

Please consider helping Pastor Amador pay for this emergency surgery by making a donation on our Belize ministry support page.

The Almador Family

Pastor Amador is the sole support for his wife, Perla, and their five children.   He has been serving as pastor of Patchakan Baptist Church, for a couple of years and was ordained earlier this year.

If he does not find funds for surgery, his only other option is to wait for ‘free’ medicine in Belize.  This can take months or longer to receive care and quality of care is very often not as high.

Surgery Estimate from Hospital