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School Scholarship Fund

Support our Scholarship fund in Belize, and help a Christian child go to school.

The Belize Scholarship Fund gives children from Patchakan, Belize, an opportunity to obtain a good education in a Christian environment.

Our vision is to provide boys and girls a quality education. We are praying that many will become pastors, Sunday School teachers, and church members with a desire and ability to study God’s Word.

Eligible candidates must meet specific requirements to be eligible for a scholarship including being from Patchakan Village, maintaining good school attendance, good grades, good behavior, and attending faithfully Iglesia Bautista Biblia. (Bible Baptist Church).

Scholarships are provided for two local private schools. Presbyterian Day School (PDS), an elementary school and Cornerstone High School.

The scholarship program began in 2018 with six children attending PDS. It grew to 10 children in 2019 with two attending Cornerstone and eight attending PDS.